Getting systems correctly and securely connected to the internet can be overwhelming to someone that has no experience. 

We assist you in getting this task done and can be a liaison between you and your provider to insure that you get a package that fully suits the specific needs of your organization.

Available Services:
Connection speed testing
Dialup, ISDN, DSL, Cable, T1,T3 
Secure Wireless Connection
Router & Appliance Configuration
Firewall and Security
Connection sharing
Remote Desktop Access / VPN
Static or NAT IP Translation
Email setup & configuration

The online experience has really changed. There's so much interesting and fun things that can be done. Unfortunately the threats of virus infection, data theft and much more has made the World Wide Web an unsafe place to travel. The predators are everywhere and spend countless hours trying to find ways to  disrupt and destroy this awesome tool.

No one, not even the U.S. Government is 100% sure system security will not be compromised. The news is full with reports of attacks on what would be considered the most secure systems. Millions are spent to repair the damage and the downtime can result in days or weeks of lost productivity.  

Eventually every computer on the internet will be attacked. The only defense is an aggressive compilation of hardware and software solutions along with policy and procedures to keep the user safe. Again no system is 100% risk free, so prevention is the only sensible way to avoid security breaches.

We perform a variety of detailed security audits. The systems are thoroughly tested for points of entry. Once the systems are secure we implement or recommend the best practices for safe internet  usage based on proven standards known throughout the industry.  



Firewall Test

Speed Test


Test your internet connection speed.

Find high speed internet access in your area.

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